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Tenant Family Sorting Items in Garage

Have you seen 'Hoarders', the TV series where people who are drowning in stuff are saved by a clean-up squad? At Rentex we seldom come across hoarding at this extreme level, but we can all be a bit guilty of hanging on to things we don't need.

Too much stuff is a symptom of a busy life, and it becomes a real problem when you're vacating a rental property. If you plan to take everything with you, packing will take longer and moving costs will be higher. So there's no better time to cull your possessions than just before you hand in your notice.

Even if you're not planning to vacate, losing the excess stuff will give you more space – and space improves happiness. Check out ‘The Minimalists' documentary on Netflix. It's a lesson in how to get happier by shrinking your footprint.

Here are our 5 best tips for de-cluttering your place:

  1. Lose the paperwork

    Piles of paper, old magazines and newspapers are a fire hazard. They also get damp and grow mould, making your living environment unhealthy. Put important papers in a proper filing box or cabinet and consign the rest to the recycle bin. If you're keeping receipts as a tax record, you only have to keep the last seven financial years. Anything older can go.

  2. Clear out the ‘stuff it in there' cupboard

    You know the cupboard we're talking about. When you open the door, everything tries to slide out to meet you. There's sports gear you haven't used in years, picnic sets that have never left the house and boxes of things that ‘might come in handy one day'. Sell the stuff you're not using or give it to charity.

  3. Spring clean your wardrobe

    If you haven't worn it in two years, time to let it go. That's the golden rule for wardrobe clean ups. Sort your pile of discards into things to sell, things to give away and rags for dusting/dirty work. Stores like Designer Wardrobe and Recycle Boutique will be interested in gear that has a good brand name.

    You could also sell surplus clothes on TradeMe. Plan to have your auctions finishing a month before you vacate, so there's time for buyers to pay and parcels to be posted. Prepaid courier bags make the despatching a lot easier.

    To give still-useful clothes away, look for a clothing bin, opp shop or hospice shop. The Salvation Army is always a good option.

  4. Sell or give away excess furniture

    If there's furniture in your home that doesn't get used, let it go. It might be lurking under the house, piled up in the attic or hiding in the spare room. Old stuff that isn't worth selling can be given away on or

  5. Off-load the e junk

    Old computers, dead printers and all other forms of IT hardware can be freecycled (URLs above) or dropped off at an e-waste depot. At Rentex, we securely dispose of hard drives then take the remaining eqiupment to the non-profit incorporated society Abilities Group in Glenfield. You can also try or

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