Frequently Asked Questions about Tenanting Properties

Please don't hesitate to contact your property manager for further information.

Looking for a rental property:

We publish all of our listings to our website and it updates hourly with any changes.
Search for specific rental criteria here - Search Rental Properties in Auckland
If you create an account on our website, you can save your search and be emailed matching listings as they are added.
Each property manager tends to run their own listings, so please contact the property manager listed for more information and scheduling viewing appointments.
Ministry of Education Logo We always recommend checking with the school directly.
You can also check the Ministry of Education page here - School Finder Service
There are three ways to apply for a rental property.

1. Request an application form at the property when viewing, complete and email to the property manager or fax to our office.
2. Download an application form from here - Tenancy Application Form
3. Complete online application form - Navigate to the property on our website, then click on the link - "Online Tenancy Application".

If in doubt fill in as much as you can and submit the application so the conversation can begin. Good luck.
Rental Move In Cost Calculator
The property manager will contact you if any questions, complete reference/credit checks and in most cases contact the owner for confirmation.
Sometimes the property manager will need to go backwards and forwards.

Before Tenancy Starts:

Keys will be ready for collection from our office once *all* move in costs have been paid and from the tenancy start date unless prior arrangement.
If the property is managed by Rentex - You will need to sign for the keys and our pink A3 initial inspection report.
If the property is managed privately by the owner directly - Please contact the owner for key collection and inspection report matters unless we've instructed otherwise.
For most properties you can arrange any utility supplier you prefer and they will invoice you directly.
For power and gas, it is your responsibility to read the meters before tenancy and when vacating and supply the numbers to the utility supplier.

However, it's time consuming contacting suppliers for the various services, power, gas, phone, internet.
Auckland Council Rubbish Truck Check the Auckland Council website here - Rubbish Collection Days

During Tenancy:

Rent is be paid by Automatic Payment every week or fortnight as per tenancy agreement. We also accept cash or EFTPOS (not credit) in our office.
Please use the 5 digit reference code with all payments so it can be matched to your tenancy.
If we can't match the payment then you will need supply the original transaction receipt from the bank.
We have to follow up any non-payment and lodge an application with Tenancy Tribunal if problems, sorry but that is our contractual obligation to the owner.

Rentex will be sent an invoice from WaterCare Services Ltd. We will calculate your portion and email or post an invoice to you. Last updated 1-07-2017.
Please pay your water rates to Rentex so we can keep track. Rentex will pay WaterCare on the owners behalf.

Water Rates Calculator
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$0 Wastewater Cost
Inspections will be every three months or different depending on the owners preferences, please clean the property as per our inspection guide.
Be safe, if possible turn off water or main power depending on issue. Contact 111 for fire/police/ambulance, then your property manager.
If you can't reach your property manager, try sending a txt (SMS) or calling the office.
During your tenancy if there are any problems, or you notice any potential issues, please contact your property manager.
If it is for the owner/landlord of the property, please contact your property manager.
Otherwise, where possible it's best to cross out the address and write "Return To Sender" on it before putting in a NZ Post Box. This sends the mail back to the sender and hopefully they will update their contact details, saving you from receiving future mail.

Ending Tenancy:

Department of Building and Housing The notice required will depend on whether your tenancy is for a fixed term or on a periodic basis.
Periodic - 21 days.
Fixed terms - Between 90 and 21 days before the end of your fixed term, release prior to fixed term end date subject to owner confirmation.
We require the notice in writing, so you can email, fax, or hand deliver a notice to us. Please do give us a heads up though; we'd like to hear why if possible.
Counter begins after notice has been served, see Tenancy Services (Govt)
Download our notice to vacate form here - Notice to Vacate Form
We will send you a moving out checklist to complete. Completion will enable faster refund of your bond.
You will need to contact any company you have a contract with, for example power/gas/telephone/internet.
NZ Post Mail Redirection Logo We can't guarantee what happens to any mail after you vacate. It may be returned to sender.
So you will need to contact everyone individually and then arrange a mail redirection with NZ Post here - NZ Post Redirect Mail
Ensure all rent is paid up to date, any outstanding water rates are paid, house is clean and tidy as per our checklist.
We will check the house and arrange a final water meter reading.
Once paid and assuming inspection okay, we both need to sign the bond refund form and put your bank account details on it.
It's your responsibilty to read the appropriate meter and notify your supplier(s) that you are moving and either require the connection to be cancelled or moved to the new property.

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